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Sendio First Defense Service


For organizations that recognize the convenience and efficiency of a remotely-hosted “cloud-based” service solution, Sendio offers a simple answer to email system protection.

Using the same award winning technology of our appliance-based turn-key solutions, the Sendio Full Defense service completely stops email attacks and abuse.

Why Services?

Sendio services offer organizations all the features and functionality of an appliance based system, without the cost and effort of maintaining a system in-house.

Organizations that take advantage of a service solution experience a number of key benefits.

  • Administrative Time Savings: while administrators and end-users have full access to the Sendio web interface - updates, hardware maintenance and system monitoring are handled by Sendio.
  • Bandwidth Savings: bandwidth requirements to receive and process email messages eliminated.
  • Highly Secure: single instances, no co-mingling of data.
  • Ease of Scalability: Sendio’s hosted option easily scales with your organization, on a per-user per-year basis.
  • High Availability / Redundancy: 99.99% reliability guaranteed.
  • Best-in-Class Support: Sendio support engineers are email protection experts, available 24 x 7 to assist with critical support issues.

Full Defense:

Full Defense SLA

Our state-of-the-art data center provides all the redundancy and guarantees you would expect in today’s world. From multiple power and internet connections, to 24 x 7 monitoring, we manage the entire solution to guarantee you 99.99% availability.

  • N+1 power redundancy with redundant power feeds
  • Premium UPS system and backup diesel generators
  • Advanced VESDA fire suppression system
  • Redundant, burstable internet connectivity from multiple tier-1 carriers
  • Guaranteed 99.99% reliability - less than 1 hour per year of downtime
  • 24 x 7 network monitoring and notification

Full Defense Integration

There is no “installation” required for the Full Defense service.  Once an account has been established, configuration information is captured so that Directory information regarding users and access rights can be acquired.

Your MX records are set to route all email traffic to the Sendio service center, so that we can perform our email system protection functions.  All legitimate email is then forwarded on to your email infrastructure.

Full Defense Data Security

While the Sendio Full Defense service is a remotely-hosted “cloud-based” solution, there is absolutely no co-mingling of data between customer accounts.  All customer data is kept in completely separate database instances to ensure total data integrity.

If, at any time in the future, you decide to terminate your use of the Full Defense service, your entire Full Defense contact database can be exported and delivered to you on permanent media, and then completely deleted from our servers.

First Defense Service:

You use an anti-spam product or service, but more and more junk is getting through. Sendio® First Defense service eliminates up to 97% of invalid email up front, decreasing workload so your existing defenses can maintain their effectiveness.

An Ideal Add-on

Sendio First Defense service reinforces the anti-spam solution you already have in place, completing four email validation and verification checks before each message reaches your current system - and eliminating 97% of invalid email in the process.

  • Directory Synchronization Are the recipients recognized by your LDAP server ? If not, the message does not need to be passed on to your mail server.
  • Sender System Test Is the sending server a standard SMTP system or an optimized spammer tool? Sendio SilverListing technology ensures the sending source is legitimate.
  • Anti-Virus Scan Already have anti-virus scanning in your infrastructure ? Another layer (using an alternate signature database) provides a “defense in depth” against worms, trojans, and attacks.
  • Anti-Spoofing Verification Ensures that email messages sent via the internet from your own domain (and addressed to you) are blocked - diminishing spoofing instances and associated risk.


On average, more than 95% of the total email volume received by an organization is invalid. Sendio® First Defense service typically eliminates 97% of this junk before it gets to your existing email security infrastructure. You enjoy:

  • Dramatically decreased workload on your existing anti-spam tools, boosting their overall system performance
  • Increased effectiveness in email system protection from the new modes of attacks and abuse