Sendio eMail Integrity.

Inbox Security. Inbox Continuity. Inbox Productivity.

Missing a single email threatens your business and damages your reputation.

Have you heard the one about the law firm in Colorado that missed its court date because of an over-active spam filter? They were ordered to pay thousands in related attorney fees and expenses incurred by lawyers representing the other side of the case. Read about it here:

Missing an important email can cost you time, money – even clients. Information is critical to all aspects of litigation, and what you don’t know can be as influential as what you do know. With email as the chief vehicle for business communication, how do you ensure that your client requests or court appointments don’t get stuck in your spam filter?

Rather than block messages based on the content of an email, Sendio utilizes a simple and effective self-organizing email community per user.

Our promise to you: If someone in your community sends you an email, you get it…ALWAYS.

Sure, we have plenty of anti-spam and anti-malware and anti-virus technology too. However, Sendio’s email community differentiator ensures that you stay productive and never miss an important client email again. Other solutions can’t make and keep that promise.

Don’t take our word for it, here is a testimonial from a current Sendio law firm customer who has a clean inbox and no more worries about receiving important client email.