Sendio eMail Integrity.

Inbox Productivity
Remove the "noise" of unwanted emails

Sendio’s email security technology eliminates malicious threats and spam campaigns, and in addition empowers each user in your organization to optimally manage his or her inbox and stay productive.

The productivity component of our technology comprises these two areas:

  1. Sendio’s Email Community – Using techniques similar to modern social networks, Sendio self-manages a community of permitted email senders for each user in your organization. Annoying Junk emails and other solicitations are eliminated. See more details below.
  2. “Train Your Inbox” capability — In the Sendio web interface we easily present the held bulk emails for each user’s review. These emails are contained in a 28-day rolling email archive. You can easily add the desired bulk email senders to your Email Community and all future emails from those senders will be delivered to your Inbox. Studies suggest that 40% of employee time is wasted looking at unwanted emails, and often these emails are the annoying Bulk/Junk emails that you either don’t want at all or rarely read.

More on the Sendio Self-Managing Email Community:

The video on our home page illustrates our community feature very well and we encourage you to spend 2 minutes to view it.

Here is how the Sendio Self-Managing Email Community works:

For an inbound email where the sending email address is not yet a member of your community, the sender will be invited to join the community via a simple auto-reply email that Sendio calls an SAV (Sender Address Verification) message. The sender simply replies to your SAV message and is part of your email community thereafter and there original message and all future messages are delivered.

If a sender is already a member of your community, then they bypass the verification step.

If you send an outbound email through Sendio to a friend our business associate, that recipient’s email address will automatically be added to your email community and any future inbound emails from that email address require no further verification.