Sendio eMail Integrity.

Inbox Security. Inbox Continuity. Inbox Productivity.

Rather than block messages based on content, build a secure email community with Sendio.

The last several years have been difficult for government IT professionals. Your IT organization is likely doing twice as much work with the same or less staff. Sendio’s email security solution is here to help.

Tired of helping employees retrieve valid email messages from your current spam filter? Rather than block messages based on the content of an email, Sendio utilizes a simple and effective self-organizing email community per user.

Our promise to you: If someone in your community sends you an email, you get it…ALWAYS.

Sure, we have plenty of highly accurate anti-spam and anti-virus technology too, and we also stop those annoying Junk emails once and for all. However, Sendio’s email community differentiator ensures that all employees stay productive and never miss an important email again. Other solutions can’t make and keep that promise.

Benefits for Government and Municipalities

We are confident that your users will love their inbox again with Sendio. Don’t take our word for it, here is a testimonial from a current Sendio customer: