Sendio eMail Integrity.

Sendio Customers
What Clients are Saying About Sendio

"We are very happy with Sendio ... forget the filtering, forget the false positives, the false negatives: Sendio catches 100% of the garbage email you do not want coming in. It is a life saver."

- Healthcare / Precision Medical / Network Administrator

"Prior to implementing [Sendio] we had nothing but problems with spam ... but since implementing the box we've never looked back. Its reduced our spam to virtually zero and saved a tremendous amount of time. [Sendio] saved our inboxes. "

- Consumer Products / Golftec Enterprises / IT Manager

"It's been wonderful, I personally used to receive between 200 and 300 junk emails a day - now I can control it all [with] Sendio."

- Gaming / Black Oak Casino / IT Manager

"The Sendio box is like having a personal secretary - it sorts my email so I don't have to ... Now the email that comes into my Outlook box is all business and no junk. The Sendio box makes my job more productive."

- Local Government / Allegany County, NY / IT Director